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Google Wallet's demo mode

We want to make it easier for you to develop and test Google Wallet passes so that you can create new, engaging experiences for your customers. You can sign up in the Google Pay & Wallet Console and start using the Google Wallet API immediately in "demo mode."

When you sign up for a Google Wallet Issuer account for the first time, your account will be in demo mode. Demo mode includes the same features and functionality as publishing mode. However, access to issue Google Wallet passes to users is restricted to any "test users" you add in the console. While in demo mode, any user who is not included in your list of test users will not be able to add a pass you create to their Google Wallet app. By default, all administrators and developers who have access to your Issuer account are already test users. The passes created by issuers in demo mode will contain the text "[TEST ONLY]" in the top of the pass until the issuer is approved to be in publishing mode.

To learn more about demo mode, please visit the Demo mode announcement blog post.

When you're developing with Google Wallet's demo mode, you can only issue passes to some user accounts. (Check all that apply)

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